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Here you guys will find more about me and more about the my thoughts :) I want to hear opinions :)

hey boys Date: Nov 22nd @ 2:37pm EST
Hello friends!!! Date: Jul 15th @ 4:11pm EDT
Im really excited!!Now my fan club is really happening!!! :)
Vacations! Date: Oct 10th @ 12:32am EDT
I already miss you guys!! I will try to post here sometimes while i am on vacations!! Dont forget me ! I will be back soon :)
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!! Date: Sep 4th @ 2:22pm EDT
Guys it was a CRAZY contest... lol we were in the 1st place since the first hour of the promo until the last minute!
You guys are the KINGS! We already won anothers times, but that time was special... First cause it was the 10th PROMO that i won here..in 5 months that im working
here... 2nd cause we not only win the contest... we were the Best Room of the day (including the girls), we were The room with most tips of the day (including the girls
), and for sure The best male room of the day... 3rd cause i beat my all records on the site... and it was my best day ever...
and 4th and not less important: You are in the top 1% of guys! Your current rank: #1
We got our spot again... The #1 model on site in the currently rank... plus The #1 model on site for the last 30 days... and tomorrow we will know if we also will be the
Model Of the week .

some of you guys was not in our celebration last night so ...
I had to express myself and say thank you for all of you that always help me and like me... Not only with credits... but motivating me... and making my nights

big hugs
=) =) =) :D :P Date: Sep 2nd @ 1:17pm EDT
Hey guys... yesterday night was really cool... i did not have too much privates amd i was a bit sad not because of the privates... but personal things... and you guys helped me so much talking with me... and then i got happy again... thank you for be with me... thank you to make your favorite boy happy =) hahahah and thank you for the messages that you sent me...

Lets go to my room this night ...=)

this night (midnight)is our chance to get back the #1 spot, will start a Contest Midnight... and it will be during all the saturday!

You guys already know me, i will work hard all the saturday to win it. And i really wanna you guys there! Not only because of the tips and credits, but i need motivation and you guys really know how to do it! =)

Everytime that we were togheter we won! cause we are the best room... and the best fan base always!

This contest is more important for me, and i wanna win and celebrete it with you guys... that are my friends here! Lets go win it!!! =)

Every single tip and credit help me to win it.
Team HALEY is back!!! =)

thoughts.... Date: Aug 26th @ 12:52pm EDT
Hey guys! Last night I won another contest! We still the best room of the flirt for sure =)

Thank you for everybody that helped me and to everybody that like me...
Last night was wierd for me... i just had an amazing private with a friend that i like so much....
and i had another good peaple around me also... in privates and in my room...

I won the contest... and i was happy... but then something happened and it made me sad...
and i had a fight with a friend... I hate when im sad...or angry... i always tell things that i dont wanna mean...

And this fight made me sad... but then someone told me something really good... when you are in a situation that
you are angry... and sad... you have to think:

what would "love" do?'
How would it deal with this situation?

Its good guys... it bring peace again to the heart... and then I saw that im not a bad person... and good persons
dont fight each other...

so if you are reading it (i know you are)... i wanna tell you Im sorry... about last night...
I overeacted the situation... and i dont wanna be angry with nobody... so i wanna be ok with you again...

William Haley
YEAH IM BACK!!! Date: Aug 5th @ 4:56pm EDT
=) =)

Haley & friends togheter again... only the top1 of the august 6 will win the prize ( exacly the kind of contest that i like lol)

Im not the #1 model anymore... but if i will it i will be again i think... lets put our room on top again =)

missed you guys...

heyyyyyy guys Date: Jul 29th @ 8:40pm EDT
hey guys... how you guys saw i was not online for a big period... i was traveling with a friend :) now im back... actually im traveling again hahaha but it will be a fast trip... this sunday i will be back =)

miss you all... sorry for not posted on my blog... but i was without computer so it was hard hahaha

hope you guys not forgot me... and are my friends yet...

plus I hope see you guys soon... Oh powerboost me if you can... because im with a horrible rank because i was not broadcasting... so... powerboost, privates and tips can help me in the rank!!!

about the trip it was amazing... i tell better in private... because theres many things to tell...

Oh ... and im sorry guys i know many of you were worried about what happened with me... im glad that you care about me... and i really missed you... next trip that i have to do i will notice you guys... primisse.... oh and i recived many message when i was not here... i will respond all... theres some good message that helped me to go back... because i have to tell you that the last contest that i lost made me a bit sad hahahaha but now everything is fine :)


see ya soon

currently the #1, #1 of the week and #1 of the mouth Date: Jun 30th @ 12:36pm EDT
What a period!!! Guys thank you for all the help... Im very happy.. With the 3 best awards togheter... in our room...

I was talling for some guy about 3 mouths ago, when I started here... i was the #123 model... and then finally i got the #50... i was so happy... and then 1 day after i got the top20... god It was so great for me because i was working hard for it... and i was having too much fun with my fans!! And now guys... Im #1 because of you... it is amazing... we are the best room on the webiste...

You guys are the best fans on the site and im completely sure about it... And someone told me that he likes our room and he becomes my fan not only because of me, but also because the peaple that stay in my room are good peaple and he have too much fan talking with you guys....

So our room get good persons and im glad to be part of this... I hope my fans keep going up... And we will have a big good fan's family =)

If you are new here just go to my room talk with me... and with my fans that are always in my room... im sure you will enjoy us... and help us to get all our objetive...

Guys Im planing the new try to get the hall of fame... Give me ideas about dates and hours... if you get it we really will prove about being the best room here =)

I love you guys... and i love to be friend of peaple that have a good heart and dont like to tell anything bad about nobody... it is great room... and I love it and love you guys...

Wait for news about the hall of fame... you are the best!!
=) Date: Jun 24th @ 1:18pm EDT
Hey guys, i will take the day off this Friday a friend invited me to go to a water club :) and Iam exiciting because I love pool hahahahaha Its hard for me be all the day without broadcast because I really miss you guys =) This weekend was great for me, many friends in my room and many good privates… I think our family here is bigger now, and you guys know that it make me happy :)
This Friday night I will be online because 11:59 will start a BIG contest on website, and I will be online ALL the Saturday to try to get it, only the best model of the day will win it, so it will be Hard, but nothing is impossible… only your tips and privates can make me win It! This contest will say what is the best Fan base on flirt for free, and I hope our fan base prove it ! =) Plus im thinking in SPECIAL shows to try get it ….
Some people asked me why I use clothes in open chat... I do it guys because free chat is a tottaly open place to people of whole wolrd and it make me shy hahahah O I prefer do it only in private or in party chats … its turn me on and it is just for members =)
XoXOXo see you tonight guys!! =)

Hello!! I really hope all you guys will join the fan club. I will post video and text blogs, exclusive sex shows and also Im really excited that I will be able to interact with all the members of the fan club!! All the members will have a special collor i