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I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date: Jun 13th @ 9:28pm EDT
Guys... im so happy !!! i won the contest!!!!!!! I had already got another contests... and did a good job! but it is the first time that I won in the #1 position!!!!!
Thxxx guys.... i will take a day off today, because I worked so much yesterday....
But i wanna say thank you for you guys, that always help me with the contests.... thxxx so much !!!!!
And guys, I think few people are reading this blog, I hope you guys start to read it hahaha
Because im writing it for you guys hahaha I hope im not talking alone!!! So please tell me if you are liking it… I will be happy just if I know that you are liking it ….
I will continue to tell about my dream in another post… but not now… this post is just to celebrate our victory in the contest yesterday!! Hahaha love you guys… seriously… is important to me know that I have many good friends here…
I will not tell the names… but I hope all my friends know how much I like them… and how much I wanna them happy.. like I am today =) so… kisses and hugs… see ya soon !!! I will be online tomorrow !!!!!!
crazy dream Date: Jun 12th @ 6:26am EDT
Heyy guysss... ok it will be wierd!! But I was dreaming of you last night guys… hahahahaha seriously … in my dream I was in a big party of this website… with many models… and than my fans stated to arrive in this party… And I was trying to talk with you guys… it was amazing hahaha because many of you guys I never saw the face… and then in my dream I created a face for you… I will not tell the names of the guys that was in my dream party hahaha because if you weren’t you would be sad… hahaha but ok… then finally I could talk with some of you … we laugh to much… talking about many things… and then was time to bed… I went to my room in the hotel… and was there 2 models ( that I will not say the names too lol) but I thougth was weird… because was there just 1 bed… but I was tottaly drunk in the dream hahaha so the 2 boys told me : William you are not ok… you need a bath…. And they started to take off my clothes… and we went to the bathroom.. and then… was there (in the bathroom) one of you guys hahah yeah crazy dream… and then…………….. the end hahahahahahahahah MAYBE it you continue another blog topic… maybe not hahaha but it was a funny dream….
Oh im in first now in the contest today for the record ! :) so I will work all day today… to try get it…. If you wanna talk with me go to my room 
mistake Date: Jun 8th @ 5:57pm EDT
guys... the 2nd try will be saturday, june 11, not 12 hahaha

dont worry guys.... it will be only another try... i will make a big party chat... and then I will invite all guys to the multiuser... for a final show...
so if i dont get it... its no problem... just a little try :D
Need more RSVP guys... Hall of fame list Date: Jun 6th @ 2:52pm EDT
So guys!!Read my june 5 post here in blog.... Here is the list for the 2nd try of Hall of fame... We need more people guys!! Please make your RSVP!!!
Ohhh and I have an idea… maybe june 12 I will broadcast in a hotel with a bath!! Ahaha I will have to do a Big party chat to pay it hahahaha Tell what you think about this idea!!! … im not promising… but I will try…. Lets Break this record guys, I will update the list everyday… You have to send me a msg tell me if you will participate!!
Here is the list, updated now!!
Lama, Newbie, organ, hotkenny, swaynest, yepyep…
We need 40!!! Guys !! Please just send me a msg to RSVP!! Thanksss !!
It will happens SATURDAY NIGHT (june 12) 11:50 East Time! And We will try break 2 records this time : Most Voyers at onde :22 voyers and Most multiuser: 23
To participate you will need at least 60 credits.... Voyer will me 20 credits... and Multiuser will be 40 credits!
But this time... It only will happens IF i get 40+ RSVPs .. so send me A message telling if you will participate.... then I will put the list HERE!
About the HOF try, new try and Tribute! Date: Jun 5th @ 3:35pm EDT

Hey guys... here is the song im listen now... ok Im romantic today! hahaha

You were my strength when I was weak.
You were my voice when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes when couldn't see.
You saw the best there was in me.
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith 'coz you believed.
I'm everything I'm Because you loved me.

Unfortunetely we lost the Hall off Fame Project.. We got 21 views at once... and we was needing 22 to win... yeah it was close (again) hahaha
But Im tottaly happy... because I could see my room full of guys trying to help me to get It... and it was great... the team work... trying it... I'm grateful for each try guys... here is the 21 friends that tried to make me reach it : Private owner : lama Voyers: newbie, organ, yepyep, hotkenny, goodguy, swai, art62, imortalsilver, Phil_usa, jayj856, steven33, allwhiteme, hood40, markymakr, thatsboyismine, redhawk, joxter, jseramirez, qwikbob, neyanbj, jasper,
So, yesterday i had a contest I had to be the Top 3 of the Day to win it... and I didnt ask your help here, and didnt wrote emails asking help... because I was trying win it to dedicate for you guys that tried to help me... And I won it !!! Actually I got the top2... I was top1 all the Day, but the winner in the last hour started to recive many huge tips.. lama tried to help me... but I got the #2... no roblem... is the same prize for the top3... So i wanna dedicate this contest for you all =)
I hate give up hahaha...but I would give up about the hall off fame... but then I recived many msgs to try again... So it will happens!
SATURDAY NIGHT (june 12) 11:50 East Time! And We will try break 2 records this time : Most Voyers at onde :22 voyers and Most multiuser: 23
To participate you will need at least 60 credits.... Voyer will me 20 credits... and Multiuser will be 40 credits!
But this time...It only will happens IF i get 40+ RSVPs .. so send me A message telling if you will participate.... then I will put the list HERE!
William Haley - HALL OF FAME PARTY Date: Jun 3rd @ 1:09pm EDT
GUYS!! Today night we will try put me in the Hall of Fame here.. We have to break the record... 22 voyers (or more) for 2 minutes in the same! It is only 20 credits per minute so i think everybody could participate.
Guys, we need all friends, and all force to do it!! It is not expensive… because I will user the small rates to break the record!!!
And if you guys wanna, we can break another record in HOF.. 25 Multusers in the same time... it is just 40 credits!
10:30 PM Central; 11:30 EST; 8:30 PST - William Haley and friends in my room!!
BIG NIGHT PLANNED FOR FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd!!!! 10:30 PM Central; 11:30 EST; 8:30 PST
Help get William into the HALL of FAME
Heres wat the plan is:
be signed in by 10:30 PM Central time; 11:30 PM Eastern Time; 8:30 Pacific
plan on going multi user for two minutes minimum
we need at least 25 multi viewers for two minutes minium to get him into the HOF
and/or 22 voyeurs during that same time will also get him into the HOF
So everyone in the fan club - come meet together on Friday Night and lets do this!
heloooooooo Date: May 27th @ 7:09pm EDT
I Just arrived in my house now... many tests in school hahaha
Finally i got my new câmera... now im full HD :) ... now you guys can see me better... hope you like it... OH I changed my profile pictures... tell me IF you like it... it is not in HD because when i got it i was without HD yet hahaha but now with my new camera IF think it is good... have zoom, movimentation and many cool and funny things... lol so Tell me IF like my new câmera and the pics to... is important to me knows your opinions :)
Guys i will be online this night!! Midnight ET... is the start of the contest...it is harder than last but you guys know me... you know that I have to try...
I hope you guys helpme ... with tips and private... I will try win it all Saturday!
And I will post here in my blog monday all my fans that will help me in this cotest so IF you wanna help me to get it , i need tips , privates or multiusers... it is important to me :)... im prepared for special shows in this contest :)
Lets GO guys!! It is hard becaus incluing the girls too;;; but we have to try... show the Power of our room !
horror movies and new contest Date: May 25th @ 6:17pm EDT
Hello guys!! Sorry... i didnt write yesterday... i was a little sad about the last contest... it was so close... but now Im tottaly ok again... :)
Today after school i went to my friends house to watch a movie he is a boy of my soccer team... his parents traveled and We watched a Horror movie... hahaha guys I had so much fun... it was scary but funny... my friend screamed many times... and god.. i Just scared him more... because before we starting the movie... i programmed the TV to turn off after 30 minutes haahha in the middle of the movie... in a scary scense BUMMM the TV Just turned off ... and He Just grabbed his pillow thinking it was ghosts hahahahaha ok evil... but funny hahaha
So guys... I will have another contest this Saturday... biggest than the last one... and harder too... because i will have to be the Best modelo f the Day... with the most credits in shows and tips... including the girls... yeah tottaly hard... but i will try it again... and now i will be more prepared i will buy a new HD webcam tomorrow to try win it... and a better internet conecction... but... i really need that you guys help me ... with privates and tips this satuday... in the same way of the last contest i will work all Day... so I hope all my fans trying to help me... because I think we are the Best room here... and we can win everything... we Just have to show our force!! :)
See ya guys
yesterday... Date: May 22nd @ 2:16pm EDT
hi guys ;;; unfortunately i lost the contest... after the result be calculated at 3am... i changed to top2.. sorry disapoint you guys... we were so close... but ok... we will get it someday :)
i was sad about it... but now im ok... we are a new room here... and we already are giants! I Love to win... but i need also knows to loose...
just wanna say congrats for the model that won it... i worked so hard then i can imagine that they worked too and deserve it...
and thank you for all the guys that helped me yesterday... especially for newbie, lama, art62, swdavid, yepyep, lgamach, peejaa, hrnync and someguy... i know u all did your best to help me in the final rounds... we almost get it... and we will get it sometime... i belive..
i will take my afternoon off today.. i need to play soccer... and maybe go to a club dance and see what happens haha
and for sure i will tell you here what happened... STOP to think dirty things!!! Ok maybe dirty things... hahahaha Love u guys... and i hope to get new friends here too... so togheter we can get anything that we want :)
maybe i come in night... to say hi for you guys... :)
soccer Date: May 19th @ 4:53pm EDT
Hi guys !! I won the game!! :) I hurt my feet but its now ok again!!
I like competions you know… and when I Have one, no matter what I have to do but I will try win it… some people asked me my position in soccer.. Im center forwad btw… But when I was a child I liked to be in defense… I don’t why… but u guys know that Im not so big to stay in the defense hahahaha.
Tomorrow I will have soccer again… but it will be just a pool day… exercises in the poll… I love when we have it… I love the pool… we have a pool day every Fridays… with all the boys of my soccer team…
Guys I am thinking in somethings…. I will have a contest Saturday (may 21), what you guys think about a BIG party chat all day… but I need to do a RSPV with u guys hahaha who want participate ?? Then you guys should tell me what you wanna see in this party, then I can do all you guys satisfactions… and get many credits to try win this contest. Actually this contest have the best price that I ever saw here on f4f… so it will help me… Maybe a 30minutes multiuser show would be better but I need your RSVP too hahaha :) you guys should tell me what you wanna see in this 30 min multiuser too!!

Hello!! I really hope all you guys will join the fan club. I will post video and text blogs, exclusive sex shows and also Im really excited that I will be able to interact with all the members of the fan club!! All the members will have a special collor i